Physical Therapy & Integrated Wellness

Movement matters; it connects us to our environment, our bodies, and helps us feel alive! As an empath and channel I use my intuitive gifts to facilitate and support you, and to provide tailored insight and guidance based on your needs. I use an holistic approach and recognize that recovery is hugely influenced by our overall state of being; including our stress levels, the quality of our sleep, nutrition, our thoughts and beliefs.

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Tarot cards use archetypal figures and symbols to help tell the story of our lives in the present moment. They act like a mirror to help us see ourselves more clearly and to support our own intuitive knowing.

Want to learn how to read the cards for yourself? My intro class is a perfect way to get comfortable with the cards and tap into your own intuition!

Want to have Tarot readings at your next event? Are you a local business owner?

I am happy to provide readings for your clients & friends!

Being fully present with you and actively listening, while allowing my intuition to support the session are all part of an energy work approach. Energy work can support physical and emotional well-being and help to get to the root of a physical dysfunction. It works well as a stand-alone service and/or paired with the physical therapy techniques I employ in my practice.

Need help clearing a space or feel like you just need a refresh? I’m here to help!

I offer wellness workshops and channeling for groups. Topics include meditation, mindfulness, developing therapeutic presence & grounding + clearing practices. I also offer classes in Tarot reading and developing & accessing your intuition. Contact me for more info!

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Dear Dr. Joanne, I want to thank you for the miracle therapy you practiced on my knee. On a scale from one to ten you are graciously a TEN!!! I wish every doctor on this planet took care of their clients with the same care you give. I appreciate you!

— Anne, Oakland, California
I went to see Joanne after I had my first baby. I felt that my postpartum body wasn’t catching up to the physical demands of motherhood and I was stiff and sore in several places. My body and self just felt out of balance which is a very vague way to describe it. But Joanne understood and took the time to search out each issue within my body- all the places that needed to be stretched and strengthened. Some issues I was aware of and some were a surprise to me. After working on my physical self, she showed me how to connect with my energy which was something I had never experienced, nor frankly even believed was a real thing. It was fantastic! I left my session feeling calm and rejuvenated but also with a clear plan forward and exercises I was actually motivated to do. I had a few questions about certain stretches after our session and it was easy to reach out for clarification. Now a few months out I’m feeling much better in my own body both physically and spiritually. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Joanne to anyone else who is feeling like something just isn’t right in their body, whether it is feeling sore, weak in some areas, or just “out of balance.” Thank you Dr. Jo!
— Georgia, Oakland, California
Quite honestly, I didn’t believe Tarot readings were anything to write home about prior to working with Joanne. To say she knows what she’s doing is an understatement. In our reading, she upended my relationship to the practice of Tarot reading and helped set me on a deeply life-giving course. I can’t wait to see what the future holds and I owe Joanne a deep debt of gratitude for it.

— Justin, Minneapolis, Minnesota
My reading with Joanne was spot on! Her interpretation resonated with where I’ve been, where I am now and the feeling that I’m heading in the right direction. She has a true gift in reading that has left me confident in the direction of my life’s work.

— Leah, Evansville, Indiana
With mountains of gratitude and very best wishes for peace, harmony, joy and laughter, AND lots of reasons to celebrate! My knee is completely healed! Thank you for all of your inspired help!

— Patti, Richmond, CA
I’ll be the first to admit that I would categorize myself as a complete skeptic of tarot readings, and to be honest, those who conduct them. Being an engineer, I’ve always looked to logic and fact based reasoning to help explain any situation that may arise or present itself.

However, all that changed after my time with Joanne and the truly enlightening tarot reading experience that she led me through. My understanding of tarot was completely off-base before Joanne. Previously I had always put tarot in the same bucket as psychic readings and that everything was about someone “mysteriously looking” into my future to predict how events will unfold.

My session with Joanne taught me that tarot card readings are not about foreseeing future things, rather, to help aid in answering overarching questions one may have about themselves and for that matter life in general.

I can’t emphasize enough how thorough, thoughtful, and overall calming Joanne was in guiding me through my first reading. Moreover, I am still in awe of she was able to so eloquently and precisely tie together the cards that I selected directly to the question I posed.

My reading with Joanne made me into an absolute believer of tarot, her ability, and the realization that this type of session is something which should occur regularly to help aid in one’s overall mental health.

I can’t speak highly enough of Joanne, and would recommend everyone to partake in such impactful experience.

— Dave, San Francisco, California